Which therapist should I see at 360 NMT®?

You can confidently see anyone on the 360 NMT staff for excellent muscular therapy. Our Neuromuscular Therapy providers all have the same “tool belt” of techniques and approach to treatment. They are ‘soft-tissue detectives’ – therapists who embrace the challenge of searching for the roots of chronic, hard-to-explain pain. Staff members have advanced, post-graduate training uniquely focused in evidence-based techniques for pain management. Most are either Nationally Certified NMTs or Certified Manual Trigger Point Therapists (or both). That said, each therapist has unique experiences with patient treatment and his/her special area of clinical interest. Our Therapeutic Massage Providers are licensed massage therapists with years of experience in the field who have gone through a rigorous hiring process. They are exemplary therapists learning our unique neuromuscular therapy approach. Their sessions are great for stress reduction, maintenance and performance enhancement and may include elements of deep tissue or swedish massage as well as some trigger point techniques.

What makes 360 NMT® different?

Two words: Ability & Agility. 
Rooted in NMT History, 360 NMT treatments streamline what we think are the best techniques available with new, cutting-edge myofascial pain research. Our therapists have the highest massage qualifications in the country (CNMT & CMTPT). Their academic ability is combined with therapeutic agility. They make adept and meaningful changes to NMT treatment programs based upon patient feedback.

Do I get treatment during my first visit?

Yes. However, your first visit includes time for information gathering, postural and dynamic assessment, and clinical reasoning. There will be hands-on treatment in the remaining time left in the session. Subsequent NMT sessions generally have less analysis and focus on reducing symptoms, restoring musculoskeletal balance and achieving treatment goals. All 360 NMT sessions include trigger point therapy, neuromuscular techniques and home-care recommendations to maintain gains made in session.

Does 360 NMT® take insurance?

At present, we do not direct bill insurance. What we can do is provide you with statements for services rendered to submit to your insurance company for out-of-network reimbursement.

How many sessions do I need?

Our general “rule of thumb” is as follows: 360 NMT initially recommends 3-4 treatments to see if we can make an improvement. We look for a change in pain levels, increased activity tolerance and/or functional improvement. Subsequent recommendations for length and frequency of treatment are customized. If there is no change, we re-evaluate and make referrals to other colleagues.

Does my FSA benefits card work at 360 NMT®?

Many clients use their Flexible Spending Account (pre-tax health benefit) cards at 360 NMT. We can generate receipts at year-end for your FSA and we recommend considering NMT treatments when deciding how much funding to put into your account annually.

Do you accept tips?

We appreciate the generosity and thoughtfulness, however we consider our practice to be part of your healthcare. If you’d like to pay it forward, please recommend us to a friend or colleague. (And you get a $10 credit if they come in!)


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