The Corrective Movement Intervention program provides a cohesive, time-saving and integrative patient care experience

Peter Stone, PT is collaborating with 360 NMT to develop a Corrective Movement Intervention (CMI) program within our neuromuscular paradigm. Drawing upon his thirty-eight years of clinical experience, he has created his own functional assessment protocol that can quickly identify poor movement patterns and biomechanical imbalances that may perpetuate pain and inhibit response to neuromuscular treatment.

CMI sessions can also be used proactively for injury prevention

Many 360 NMT clients consult with Peter when they begin training for competitive activities or seasonal sports. Most soft-tissue injuries can be avoided with specific corrective activities, regular NMT treatment and a strong core foundation.

The CMI program provides a cohesive, time-saving and integrative patient care experience at 360 NMT. If muscle pain is driven by a strength or flexibility imbalance, Peter’s movement screen will find it. He will communicate his findings with 360 therapists, recommend which muscles to target treatment, and suggest three or four stretches and movements to reinforce the NMT. The results are lasting.

Corrective Movement Intervention sessions will:

  • Screen for risk of injury in healthy individuals
  • Screen for key biomechanical faults that have led to soft-tissue rehabilitation plateaus in people recovering from injury
  • Teach movements and stretches that override poor patterns that have become imbedded
  • Speed up the rehabilitation process and effectiveness of neuromuscular therapy
  • Emphasize a safe environment for patients that have been in long-standing pain to trust moving again
  • Suggest recommendations and home care routines that are carefully graded and paced to prevent flare-ups
  • Build a step-by-step, customized program that helps clients progress to more strenuous athletic endeavors
  • Make appropriate referrals to other healthcare providers if movement screen reveals joint or nerve involvement

Peter Stone graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 1976 and is the founder of Prescription Orthopedic and Sports Therapy, Inc. (P.O.S.T.). He has been involved with sports medicine research and physical therapist training throughout his career.  Passionate about patient education, Peter’s collaboration with 360 NMT will help fortify lifelong neuromuscular health.

Corrective Movement Therapist: Peter Stone


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