360 NMT® FAQs

How can NMT be used diagnostically?

If the “big stuff” has been ruled out and symptoms persist, NMT can help discern what part of your pain is driven from soft-tissue. It often prevents more expensive testing and/or more invasive procedures.

NMT is also helpful when exercises seem to cause more pain. For example, post-operative patients benefit from treatment when pain impedes strength gains in PT, but the surgeon sees no problem on imaging films. NMT can eliminate muscular sources of pain and strain on the surgical site, and successfully get you through a rehabilitation plateau.

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360 NMT® integrates advanced massage therapy with manual trigger point therapy to solve chronic pain problems.

NeuroMuscular Therapy (NMT) is advanced, problem solving massage therapy. Our mission at 360 is to treat muscular pain using evidence-informed neuromuscular techniques so that you can come a full 360 degrees from pain to pain-free.

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