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Don’t blame age. 360 NMT will have you playing in the places that you used to ache.

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Myofascial trigger points are often the missing link in solving longstanding pain puzzles

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Chronic pain is isolating. Let us help you get off the treadmill of pain.

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Myofascial Pain Syndrome is enigmatic and not seen on imaging films. We specialize in treating soft-tissue driven pain.

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360 NMT has collaborative relationships with Boston’s best healthcare professionals.

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360 NMT® integrates advanced massage therapy with manual trigger point therapy to solve chronic pain problems. Informed by the latest myofascial pain research available, Our global 360°approach to soft tissue care is the foundation to an active, productive and pain-free life.

News & events

Doug Nelson is coming to 360 NMT!

Lily Stone

"Mystery of Pain" with Doug Nelson of Precision NeuroMuscular Therapy. All are welcome for this talk - even patients! The Mystery of Pain is a fascinating journey into the very heart of how you understand, and therefore treat pain and suffering the more deeply you understand the process of pain, the more power you have to influence it. Emerging advances in the science of pain are not only fascinating; they open doors to possible avenues of treatment.

"Mystery of Pain"

Friday night,
January 19th from 6:30-9:30

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"Form and Function" with Doug Nelson. Assessment and the Art of Clinical Decision Making - PNMT Form and Function is about the decisions a therapist makes and what strategies are behind those decisions. This seminar has lots of hands-on training! What you know in your head you must know in your hands...

"Form and Function"

Saturday and Sunday,
January 20-21 from 9-6pm

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